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Project Description

Mario 2D platform game in Java.

This is some code I wrote a few years ago when I started programming. It was my introduction to game programming program. At the time I was pretty proud of the code, now I realize it's kind of a mess in need of refactoring and other design changes. There are little hacks all over the place. Despite it's messiness, it does run pretty well. By default the level loader loads a single level which you cannot complete. Death is not implemented, but a message is printed to console when you die. 

I've decided to post this project to motivate myself to maybe look at the code once again and for anybody else that is interested. There are a lot of good Mario resource files hidden within.

A small part of the code is adopted from the book "Developing Games in Java" by David Brackeen (which, btw, is an okay book, at best)


- Arrow keys to move.

- Down to crouch.

- Shift to run.

- Space bar to jump.

- Press 'Z' to pause the game, and press 'X' to resume. While paused you can press '1' to increment a single frame. 

Project Environment 

You should be able to clone the repository and import the project into eclipse without any problems.

Screen Shots

Here are a few screens below:

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